Sophisticated Water Features for Commercial Properties

Aquatic Art Unlimited, LLC is ready to make your commercial project a success. From property management companies and general contractors to architects, designers, and builders, we serve a variety of clients throughout the local communities. We're prepared to creative innovative, high-end, and long-lasting commercial aquariums and water features based on your input.

You'll find a wealth of commercial aquariums for sale through our company, along with baptismal fonts, water walls, and other unique creations. Read on to learn about our approach to design, installation, and maintenance, or to familiarize yourself with your options.

Commercial Aquariums: An original aquarium filled with colorful fish, plants, and decorations instantly adds appeal to any waiting room, office, or restaurant. No matter your preferences, our aquarium builders are ready to listen to your ideas, recommend products from our selection, and install a one-of-a-kind creation. We bring more than two decades of design experience to each product we undertake.

Baptismal Font Indoor Water Walls: Add drama and sophistication to any lobby or waiting area with a custom water wall. Choose freestanding or built-in, and be sure to ask about mirrored, clear, and opaque varieties.

Baptismal Fonts: Their unusual architectural design and limited space for equipment pose unique challenges for installing a properly functioning baptismal font, yet we have been involved in dozens of successful projects from the design stage to regular maintenance.

Water Retention Areas/Golf Course Water Traps: Are you looking for an easy way to add visual interest to your commercial property's exterior? Consider adding a retention pond featuring floating fountains, lighting, or waterfalls.

Let Us Help with Commercial Fountain & Aquarium Maintenance

Many business owners and property managers hire general pool companies to handle commercial aquarium maintenance. However, many water features have unique features, as well as unique requirements best served by a specialty company  like ours.

We provide maintenance for a many different kinds of outdoor fountains, indoor fountains, and water features on schedules that best serve the client. Talk with a member of our team to learn which routine is right for your water feature. Maintenance may consist of any of the following services:

  • Weekly & Monthly Cleanings
  • Seasonal Openings & Closings
  • Equipment Service & Repair
  • Re-Waterproofing
  • System Restorations

Discover new, unique ways to add visual appeal to your business or office space using water features.