Koi & Garden Ponds

pagoda pond

Like the perfect deck or landscaping, a well-built pond adds beauty and value to your property. Cascading waterfalls, running streams, and colorful fish draw you in, and create a new destination to sit, relax, and enjoy.

A pond does not need to be high maintenance to be successful. We have built and maintained hundreds of ponds and have developed a method of pond construction that requires very little attention to keep it running properly. Most of our clients see us for seasonal visits only.

However, if your pond does require more to keep it in top shape, or you just want to give it that extra attention, we provide maintenance schedules to fit any need.



Some of the Pond Services we offer:

  • Design and Construction of new ponds
  • Design and Construction of “Pondless” water features
  • Complete renovations of existing ponds
  • Seasonal Services such as openings, spring cleanouts, fall nettings, and winterizings
  • Regular Service Visits on most any schedule
  • Filter / Pump / Equipment Repair
  • UV Sterilization and ionization
  • LED and Traditional lighting
  • EPDM liner repair
  • Tropical and Hardy Aquatic Plants
  • Koi and other pond fish