Complete Residential Landscaping, Hardscaping, & Aquascaping

pagoda pondAquatic Art Unlimited, LLC is comfortable working with homeowners, architects, and contractors. Our experience with residential water feature design, as well as our list of certifications, eliminates any uncertainties our clients may have about the details of aquatic design specifics. Bringing us aboard your project during the inception phase does all of the following:

Simplifies any essential contractor work
Eliminates middleman exchanges between you and your contractors
Streamlines and shortens the length of your project

Do you have something in mind for your new home aquarium, pond, or fountain? Just let us know. Your ideas are our inspiration, and we're committed to creating water features that not only enhance your property's value, but its appearance, as well. That's why we consider each individual component of your project during the design phase.

How We Approach Custom-Built Aquariums: A Case Study

A home for which we built a small pond back in 2002 was sold a few years ago. Eventually, new homeowner contacted our aquarium company to learn whether we could assist him in expanding the pond. After several meetings, the client informed our specialists that he had many more ideas for his property - not just for the immediate pond area.

His main request was this: to be surrounded by as much water as possible. Unfortunately, his property's extreme terracing made machine and material access extremely difficult; however, our aquarium and pond builders were excited to learn that it also allowed them to create multiple streams, waterfalls, and ponds. We were able to build these features in such a way that they all worked together, connected by walkways, stairs, and natural stone landings.

Along with the several ponds, streams, and falls, our specialists created several stone features, including patios, stacked and veneered stone walls. We also added several cut and natural stone staircases, as well as a set of floating stairs that led to the main property level. Today, this client and his guests enjoy access to comfortable boulder seating areas, in addition to a fire pit area with natural stone and wood seating.

Finally, our specialists planted a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers throughout the property, adding visual interest and natural appeal. We also added drainage systems and extensive landscape lighting, both submersible and terrestrial, to create a comfortable, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Let our skilled aquarium builders create the perfect outdoor or indoor water feature for your family's home.