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Hiring a veteran aquarium builder is one of the best moves you can make when you're considering starting a project. Many contractors and landscapers claim to be pond builders, as well as big-box pet stores. However, Aquatic Art Unlimited, LLC specializes in aquatic design. We have the skills and foresight needed to not only prevent the most common and uncommon mistakes made by amateurs, but to also create designs that facilitate ease of maintenance, upgrades, and long-term success.

We stand behind each of our products and take great pride in our workmanship. That's why we use only premium equipment from major manufacturers, and honor all original warranties.

Pond Management

Enjoy a beautiful outdoor pond without any of the fuss of maintenance and seasonal cleaning. Our regular pond service includes the addition of new specimens, water changes, plant grooming, and interior and exterior filter maintenance.

waterfalls pond

  • Koi Pond Construction & Design
  • Koi Pond Maintenance & Repair
  • Netting Services
  • Handpicked Koi
  • Aquatic Plantings
  • Waterfalls
  • Lighting
  • Auto-Fill Systems

April - Pond Opening

Depending on the weather, our company begins to open client ponds in April. We clean the skimmers, pads, and nets; additionally, we remove leaves and winter debris in and around any rocks and streams present. If your waterfalls were bypassed for the season, we’ll remove the setups and start your waterfall.

Fish are the most vulnerable to disease and pathogens at this time of year - that's why we strongly recommend you hold off on any cleaning until it gets warmer. Changing the water, putting your hands into your pond, and cleaning the bottom could foul the water with dirt and detritus, causing considerable harm to your fish. The water temperature should be at least 60° before it is considered safe to perform any spring cleaning.

May - Spring Cleanouts

Once the water temperature in your pond reaches 60°, our pond maintenance crew will schedule a spring cleanout. These major cleaning projects involve cleansing the entirety of your pond. Our team changes the water and removes detritus and debris from the pond floor, including leaves and dirt. We'll also clean or replace the filter pads, nets, and brushes, if needed.

Along with cleaning, our team sets up any ultraviolet lamp sterilizers present with new bulbs. If you have any landscape lighting, we'll install new bulbs, clean the lenses, and re-position each unit for optimal lighting around your water feature.

June - Plantings

Are you considering adding new aquatic plants to your pond? June is the best time to add greenery to your water features, and our maintenance crew is always prepared to help. Aquatic plants are more than simple aesthetic furnishings - they play important roles in your pond's health and cleanliness. Feeding your fish regularly may lead to the development of string or hair algae, which aquatic plants can help prevent. They eat the dissolved organic nutrients from fish and debris, removing excess nutrients that would otherwise feed unwanted algae.

Aquatic plants typically fall into one of several categories: submersible plants, such as lilies, marginal plants, which are found at ponds' edges and in streams, and floating plants. Additionally, aquatic plants can be categorized as tropical or hardy.

Tropical plants are just that - tropical. This means they're sensitive to temperature. Our team usually plants them in late June, because most tropicals will live only one season in New Jersey's climate. Tropical plants are usually larger, brighter, and pricier than hardy plants. On the other hand, hardy plants are more temperate. They can be planted in May/June, and best of all, they will come back every season to brighten your property.

September & October - Fall Cleanouts & Netting

When autumn arrives, our pond maintenance team springs into action to keep leaves and other debris out of your pond. We use blowers to remove unwanted eyesores from your pond's edge, and we frequently clean your filters, skimmers, pads, nets, streams, waterfalls, and bio-falls.

Depending on the weather, we will trim any plants present, and cut them back if needed. Our team installs any essential net framework and nets, and places your system's UV unit into storage.

winter pondDecember - Winterizing

During the winterizing process, our team performs a final cleanup, which involves removing residual leaves and debris, as well as any nets and framework. We clean the skimmer pads, brushes, and nets, then set up your deicers (we only recommend plugging them in if ice forms across your pond's surface). If you'd like to have your waterfalls bypassed for winter, we'll handle that, as well.

Aquarium Management

Our professionals recommend monthly maintenance for most aquariums; however, we're more than happy to accommodate other scheduling requests. Aquarium owners looking to preserve that "just-cleaned" look throughout the month may wish to schedule bimonthly or even weekly service.

Our decades of hands-on experience enabled our team to recognize the symptoms of a disease and damage in your aquarium. We have the skills and knowledge needed to prevent many common issues, as well as recognize and resolve problems at the first sign of trouble.

Our aquarium maintenance routine begins with an assessment of your aquarium's livestock, equipment, and water quality. We inspect your fish for signs of stress, disease, and parasitic infection. Though fish health is generally an indicator of overall tank performance, we also look for symptoms like excess algal growth, discoloration, odor, and other indicators of poor water quality.

Let us know if you'd like our team to add new aquatic specimens to your aquarium. We can perform partial water changes via gravel siphoning (to remove detritus), clean the glass, arrange interior decor, and oversee any necessary filter and equipment maintenance. We check fish food supplies and replenish as necessary, saving you a trip to the store.

Aquarium Products

Whether you're looking to purchase a standard off-the-shelf product or organize a complex multi-stage construction, our contractors are ready to help. We're your first resource for all kinds of aquarium products and services. Let us know what you're looking for - we're sure to have the items you need to build a memorable aquarium. Some of the products we carry include:

  • Aquarium Filtration and Plumbing
  • Wet-Dry Systems
  • RO Water
  • Ultraviolet Sterilization
  • Calcium Reactors
  • Chillers
  • Protein Skimmers
  • Sump Boxes
  • Auto-Fill Systems
  • Canister and Power Filters
  • Under-Gravel Filters
  • Lighting
  • Freshwater Tropical Aquariums
  • Freshwater Coldwater Aquariums
  • Marine Aquariums
  • Reef Aquariums
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Saltwater Fish
  • Marine Fish
  • Live Coral

Be sure to ask for our team's help with livestock quarantine and acclimation for both common and uncommon species. We carry standard aquarium stand/hood combinations from all major manufacturers, and we're able to create custom fabricated glass and acrylic aquariums.

Water Feature & Fountain Management

You don't have to give up your free time to care for a complex fountain, waterfall, or stream on your property. Our contractors are capable of maintaining and servicing many different kinds of water features, including fountains, water walls, fonts, and others. Some of the services we offer include the following:

  • Power Washing
  • Debris Removal
  • Filter Maintenance
  • Filter Pad & Cartridge Cleaning
  • Lighting Fixture Maintenance
  • Winterizing & Startup Services

Water Feature Products

Are you looking for certain parts or products for your water feature? We carry a variety of items for residential and commercial use, including:

  • Indoor Fountains
  • Outdoor Fountains
  • Aerating Fountains
  • Ornamental Fountains
  • Statue Fountains
  • Formal Fountains
  • Submersible Aerating Fountains
  • Custom Fountain Filtration Design & Installation
  • Water Walls
  • Swimming Pool Waterfalls
  • Custom Spray Bars and Spray Rings
  • Baptismal Fonts
  • Custom Font Filtration Design & Installation
  • Auto-Fill Systems
  • Water Feature Lighting

Depend on our specialists for help with every aspect of your new water features, including first design, installation, maintenance, and more.