Professional Water Features, Ponds, & Aquariums

Aquatic Art Unlimited is your one-stop shop for professional water feature services. We design, install, and maintain indoor and outdoor fountains, gorgeous commercial and residential aquariums, and serene koi ponds.

We’ve been serving the New Jersey area for 30 years with a focus on customer satisfaction, personal service, and projects that are successful for the long term. We are not just creating environments, we are building relationships.

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  • Aquarium Installation & Maintenance
  • Koi Pond Construction & Maintenance
  • Custom Pond Design
  • Water Walls
  • Baptismal Fonts
  • Swimming Pool Waterfalls
  • Indoor & Outdoor Fountains
  • Aerating Fountains
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Saltwater/Marine Fish
  • Koi & Other Pond Fish
  • Live Coral
  • Pond Netting
  • Concrete Pond Restoration
  • Landscape & Pond Lighting, including Remote Systems & LED Technology